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We will accept custom orders. Lead time is three weeks. Send us a email with your name and phone number. email us

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We have been designing and building fine handmade pieces one piece at a time since 1980. Our approach to furniture design is inspired by the clean lines and details, graceful proportions, quality craftsmanship and focus on function. I believe that the natural beauty of the wood is all the ornamentation that is needed. This approach to woodworking design results in simple, graceful, well constructed piece that fulfills its function and is built from beautiful lumber.


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rose island woodworks
november 28, 2009

Welcome to "Rose Island Woodworks"...

Oak Box

At Rose Island Woodworks, cutting corners is never an option. We believe in the intrinsic value of fine materials, exceptional style and solid construction. We still use time-honored methods to create products of lasting beauty. We put a high priority on realistic production schedules and timely delivery. With our unique combination of exceptional designs installed on time and within budget, we can say with confidence that you will not find a higher quality product anywhere at any price.In this age of mass production and the throw-away lifestyle, people have lost the sense of old fashioned quality. It’s time we turned back to valuing beautiful things that are crafted with care and attention to detail; furniture that is worth handing down to future generations. A fine piece of well made furniture, as beautiful as it is functional, will be cherished and proudly handed down to become a part of your family history.

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